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14 January 2013 @ 04:23 am

Hello from your friendly neighborhood mods, kyley_b and chulloblues! This community was created for the purpose of bringing South Park fans from all corners of the internet together, so we might engage in that word that's in the community name: discussion! Here is where you can talk about your general ideas regarding the show or the fandom, whatever you choose. Those ideas may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

→ Headcanons
→ Rec lists (whether it's fic or art, doesn't matter!)
→ Fanworks (fic, art, graphics, etc.)
→ Your ideas and inspirations behind the things you write and create!

Our aim is to provide a fun, cohesive, and comfortable environment for fellow South Park fans. That having been said, we do have rules. Please be sure to check them out here at the community profile, and keep them in mind as you go about making posts! Above all else, any form of flaming will not be tolerated. Fandom discussion does have a tendency to get heated, which we completely recognize and respect, but personal attacks just aren't cool. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact either of us!

Take care, get posting, and have fun!
30 July 2013 @ 02:59 pm
Proof: In mathematics, a proof is a deductive argument for a mathematical statement. In the argument, other previously established statements, such as theorems, can be used. In principle, a proof can be traced back to generally accepted statements, known as axioms. Proofs are examples of deductive reasoning and are distinguished from inductive or empirical arguments; a proof must demonstrate that a statement is always true (occasionally by listing all possible cases and showing that it holds in each), rather than enumerate many confirmatory cases. An unproven statement that is believed true is known as a conjecture.

I thought long and hard this morning about the concept of "proofs" and South Park pairing theory. While contemplating the merits of Kyman and Style, and I came to the conclusion that one can essentially manipulate canon to support one or the other as they please. SP canon is so fluid and inconsistent that nearly any and all interaction is open to interpretation, especially since the airing of Landslide. That's why I'm set on the notion that pairing debates pretty much rest on mute points.

However, that said, there are "proofs" set within canon that I think provide the bare bones of pairing/story structure that need to be respected. Without these proofs, there is no real character integrity, which the lot of us are sticklers for, rightfully so.

When I took calculus, we used proofs to test theories and to construct equations to solve problems. I see the same kind of methodology in fic construction; where an author will use certain proofs and set equations(events) to form an algorithm(plot) in order to calculate a function(situation). So my thinking is that as long as the proofs are there, everyone should be in character as a default and the fic should read just like a math problem. The cool thing with math is that you can manipulate the outcome by changing the algorithm, and this applies to fic too. However, when you change the algorithm, the structure also changes - so as long as you respect that, then it doesn't matter what the outcome is. This also applies to fic, and its also why I can't juxtapose Style and Kyman when it comes to "which is the better pairing" or whatever. It's an illogical question to me. I see them both as completely different functions, but so many authors try to apply the same algorithms to them without fixing the innate errors that come from this.

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So I made a Tumblr post about how the fandom tends to gloss over the moments when South Park is problematic, and it spurred quite a long discussion. The problem is, Tumblr is not a very good place to discuss things in real time, because the reply system is very clunky. stanluvs2spooge suggested that we move the discussion to this community.
20 March 2013 @ 02:28 pm
This isn't really a discussion about the show, but sort of a social fandom idea.

Is there a chatzy or something similar that people tend to hang out in? Or if that doesn't already exist, does anyone think that it should? I think it might be fun and a way to get to know each other better than Tumblr or even LJ can really allow. People could just pop in whenever they felt like it or were online, and the conversation wouldn't just be limited to SP, though some great discussions about fandom could definitely come out of it.

I know the big bang has been doing weekly livestreams - I'm not sure how the turn out has been, since I've been unable to make it to any. But something along that line, only without the episode streaming, and not at any set time, is sort of what I'm thinking of.

I don't know, just an idea. I've been seeing a lot of things about people not feeling comfortable in the fandom or not fitting in, and I think almost everyone has felt like that at one point or another. So maybe something like this would help people be social, get the wallflowers to be more vocal, and create the sort of tight-knit community that the fandom has sort of lost with the anonymity of Tumblr. Maybe??
Just a friendly reminder that a new challenge will be issued over at spprompts this Thursday (February 14th).

Fills for the current prompt, beginning, will be accepted any time, so don't worry if you're working on something but can't make it by Thursday.

Like the idea of the comm but didn't care for the prompt? Come on over and make a suggestion or two!
31 January 2013 @ 08:58 am
spprompts, a challenge community for original SP fanworks, is now open! New prompts will be posted every other Thursday. (If you miss the two-week time frame, don't worry—responses to previous challenges are accepted any time.)

South Park Prompts is intended for new, original South Park fanworks and we're open to any kind of fanwork, including but not limited to art, comics, cosplay, fic, graphics, and vids.

For more info, please check out the welcome & guidelines post.

Our inaugural prompt is "beginning."

Hope to see you over there!
29 January 2013 @ 12:05 am
While I think this has been addressed by the community, I guess I would like to discuss it in detail. Since it's always been of interest of me since even when I was inactive in the fandom (and I'm still slowly regaining in activity) I was still browsing and reading over authors in the SP fandom that I have a deep appreciation for. And of course the artists. However as more of a fanartist myself, a casual fanfic author, not particularly great at it, but I do enjoy to do it.

I've seen comments on the division between how widely spread the art is in the fandom compared to the fics. Being around the SP fandom since 2006 where at least in my mind it seemed to be more balanced. Because tumblr wasn't at all popular or even around and sites like fanfiction.net/livejournal/deviantart where still vastly the main area? I'm wouldn't say South Park has a central area, as another post pointed out, it's pretty divided. However back then it seemed more likely that artists based most of their artwork off of fanfiction and where very willingly to dish out recs. Perhaps it was because the fandom was smaller and you could easily pick out everyone from everyone else. Artwork, I think will always be the ~*crown jewel*~ because it's more easily distributed.

Most sites now work on an image based blogging system instead of word based. And in a sense fanart takes little for mind/patience. Where you can look at a pretty picture and reblog it, maybe leave a nice comment. (This irritates me that most people still kind of don't realize coming up with the right idea and what not is difficult and while all comments are nice. I still feel like it should be more appreciated for what it is instead of leveling which is better writing or drawing? Both are different and can't really be compared on an equal level.)

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27 January 2013 @ 01:45 am
In my ongoing attempts to come up with fun fandom activities (and mod more communities than I can handle), I had this idea.

Once, back in Harry Potter fandom, someone tried to get a community going that was called HP Coloring Book. As far as I know, the comm never took off, which is a shame, because I thought it was a super cool idea. So I'd like to give it a try with South Park. But basically, it was supposed to go like this: Artists could post lineart that they either never intend to color, or don't mind other people playing with, and then anyone can come by and color it. The catch was that it couldn't be posted outside the community (I suppose you could link to your community post, but you couldn't, for instance, post your colored work on DA or something without the original artist's permission). So, basically, if you're like me and have a lot of unfinished lineart, or if you just want something fun to color without having to worry about making a masterpiece, this would be the place. The idea is in the name; it's a coloring book.

So what do you guys think of an idea like this? Am I the only one in love with it?
25 January 2013 @ 01:11 am
I haven't been a part of the fandom for too long, but I'm really into polyamorous ships, and I'm super curious as to what others thoughts are on shipping South Park characters in consensual nonmonogamous relationships!

I'm probably not too far off in saying that monogamy is often drilled into our heads as the best/only option for relationships to the point where it's rather easy to forget that polyamory is a legitimate thing... I'm part of a closed triad myself, but I didn't start seriously considering poly ships until sometime last year. I'm glad I did though, thinking about three or more characters involved in a romantic relationship makes for some really interesting possibilities, and I find it a hell of a lot more fun than trying to imagine love triangles/dodecahedrons in which heartbreak is usually required in order to be resolved.

There are several pairings involving three or more characters that I like but Stan/Kyle/Wendy is my favorite. ♥ Anybody else out there like any SP poly ships? What combos do you think would be the best/worst at functioning as a long-term relationship? What are your thoughts on polyamory as a whole? gimme ur brain nuggets
20 January 2013 @ 10:16 pm
In light of recent conversation held over at tumblr (that blog belonging to sekrit_omg respectively), I've been wondering if anyone else has any thoughts regarding the, uh, decidedly controversial trope of femme!Kyle.

It seems that a lot of people (at least, on tumblr, so take that as you will) are against this fandom representation. The main argument against it, from what I can gather, is that Kyle is "tough," and therefore can't be written as feminine. An argument that I, personally, find horribly problematic, because it's essentially stating that femininity and strength are fandom's oil and water. In line with my own opinion, I've said it plenty of times and I'll say it again: being feminine and being tough are not mutually exclusive. But hey, that might just be me.

At any rate, I think it's as marilynmanganese said: "...what gets classified as feminine is [...] subjective." How can we determine feminine characteristics without toeing or totally entering sexist/misogynist territory? How do we differentiate gendered activity from a few simple hobbies or whatnot? (Is it possible?) How do we even know that Kyle won't grow up to be this way? Canonically, he's a kid. We don't know what he'll be like as an adult, despite him and the other characters having gone through some pretty adult things. At the end of the day, he's still 10, and we've still got our imaginations. Anything, as they say, is possible.

(On the side, there's lampooning and over-exaggeration, in terms of making a character femme/femme-y in fic. Which, I think, could either work well or not work at all. But what, to you, would constitute as either? A crack!fic that makes fun of femme!Kyle, or calls out the criticism of femme!Kyle?)

SO, YEAH. Thoughts, anyone? Are there any other tropes/fandom clichés you take issue with or enjoy? Any portion of this or other arguments that you want to discuss? Other questions/concerns?

Fire away!